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May 18, 2018                               Lynn's Astrological Blog

                                    A NEW FACE IN POLITICS.....?

While I don’t follow the day to day politics on the media too closely, I have been watching some of the players on the political scene lately and catching up with what Mr. Mueller is doing regarding the investigation of Trump and ran across several reports and podcasts on Michael Avenatti and what a guy!  I have to say I am very impressed with his character, demeanor and the candid way he speaks the truth.  I looked him up and did a solar chart on him and I find an honest man really going someplace in our political future.

Mr. Avenatti is an Aquarian with his Sun, Mercury and North Node in Aquarius.  He’s very intelligent and his Scorpio Moon gives him an investigative quality to see right through the phoniness and hyperbole so apparent in our political situation today.  He truly stands firm in what he believes in and is the first honest and forthright person to come forward and show America integrity without the ego inflammation we see so much of in politics today.  He has Venus in Capricorn so he’s practical and realistic, driven to truth and cuts right through situations to the bottom line.  Because the Sun and the Moon are in fixed signs he doesn’t waver and calls it like he sees it.  I believe he could be a great contender to President in the future.  While 43% of the American people still seem bend on supporting Donald Trump, I believe in the very near future Mr. Avenatti will prove to be the downfall of our illustrious President and he will do it with class and respect the American people deserve.  I believe his success in this endeavor will sky rocket him to the top of popularity with the people.

Mars has just moved in to Avenatti’s Aquarius Sun sign and will move over his Sun and Mercury and as Mars moves retrograde in late June, there is likely to be more and more investigations as time moves forward.  October and early November will bring out the truth to the whole investigation and be the pivotal time of culmination regarding Mr. Trump and his affiliations as Mars moves over Avenatti’s  Aquarian planets.  With Saturn moving through his 11th house of ideals we can look forward to seeing more of this man in American politics as he’s goal oriented, hardworking and his honesty is refreshing!

Michael Avenatti   February 16, 1971  6:00AM Sacramento, CA