A Look at the Planets.....


Under These Influences….Sunday 10/13/2018

With Venus and Mercury conjunct in the 11th house, events will conspire to get us involved in the outer world but this is a good time to take care of those things that are necessary to your personal survival.  Take care of money issues, personal love issues and all things that are personally important to you and ignore the events and situations around you and in the world at large.  Venus is retrograde.  What have you been ignoring that you need to take up now?
The outer world is boring at best and not a good time to start anything new (the Moon is on it’s way to conjunct Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon ….. and then it hits Mars and the frustration level is at high peak.  Avoid confrontation and limit yourself to getting ahead of the game by being personally organized and concentrating on what you need to do that you haven’t done, al least for the next four days.