Seattle’s Future Struggle

Why in the world would the Mayor of Seattle mandate Seattle a Sanctuary City is beyond me.  While it’s been a beautiful and growing city for years, making it a Sanctuary for the Homeless has ruined the economy and costs the city billions of dollars, not to mention attracting homeless people all over the west coast and has invited the ruin, corruption and crime, not to mention the filth of huge tent cities.  In construction of tiny alms houses, we are beginning to see small cities of these being funded by huge increases in home taxes, business taxes and deterioration of the city which many average Seattleites cannot afford. 

Seattle is a Scorpio city that has Capricorn Rising and with Saturn in Capricorn now and moving down through the 1st, 2nd and 3d houses indicates that Seattle will struggle financially for the coming seven years.  Housing, feeding and financially supporting these folks coming here from other cities at this time is a very bad decision for the City of Seattle.  Additionally, Neptune is found in the 2nd house of finances, opposed by Mars on the hidden side of the 8th house of shared resources.  The action and the desires of the Seattle Officials really needs to be heavily scrutinized by these folks as Mars here indicates it is not in the interest of home and business owners.  When is Seattle’s Mayor and elected officials going to recognize this?  It has become so obvious with the repeal of the head business tax, not to mention the home-owners complaints regarding such huge tax increases. 

Seattle’s Moon in Cancer has just passed a square to Jupiter (indicates overspending in a huge restrictive Saturn cycle) and is moving on to square Mercury indicating more and more outcries from the public against taxation and the implementing of more systems to house indigent homeless along with more and more bad decisions on the part of city officials for the next few months.  The Progressed Moon moving through the 8th house coming to an opposition of Neptune in the 2nd indicates that Seattle could end up broke in the coming year and a half if the city continues on with it’s destructive decisions to have the people finance this massive amount of homeless which will continue to grow.  There is a massive T-square operating between it’s Jupiter, Uranus and Mars which indicates to me a direct correlation to irresponsible decision making which has continued on since Ed Murray begin his office of Mayor.
When are these officials going to wake up?
Here is Seattle’s Chart.  The sorry mess that it is.

City of Seattle   November 13, 1851 10:41AM Seattle, Washington

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