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"We are spiritual beings manifesting in a physical body so long as
                                              we are in this physical world.  In the degree that we become more
                                              conscious of this spirit, the intuitions, powers and forces of the
                                              spiritual world become the sources of every thought and action."


Lynn is a teaching and consulting astrologer in Blaine, Whatcom County, Washington.  Originally from Seattle, she offers services via
personal consultation, telephone and email. Lynn has been practicing astrology for clients since 1974. She has published articles and
appeared on local television. She holds a Degree in Social and Human Services and also Certification from the American Federation
of Astrologers.  She works with Classical Traditional Astrology adding some focus on Humanistic and Evolutionary Astrology. 
Serving as past President of the Seattle Astrological Association and the Washington State Astrological Association she continues her
devotion to this sacred art.

Fees:  $75 per Hour for Private consultations (Usual time involved is an hour and a half to 2 hours in person or via telephone.
          These are tape recorded and mailed to you.  If you are at a distance we make arrangements to have a tape made by
          Lynn and mailed directly to you for the major coming cycles. Email charts are generally $45.00

Email charts are $45.
These are discussed with you, completed and sent via email. They are written and not a computer interpretation. All of the major transits
and cycles are highlighted and outlined along with explanations and teaching of what the various cycles tend to mean and what they mean
in your individual life.

     Please feel free to contact Lynn with

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