Natalie Wood Story

            The story of Natalie Wood’s drowning off the coast of Catalina Island has been rumored a murder, recorded as an accident and much has been written and televised, but what really happened that night of November 28, 1981? 
A brief look at the astrological configurations of that night led me to look at both of their birth charts to see what was really going on in their lives around that time and put it together with the night of the tragedy.  Natalie’s astrological chart is an obvious depiction of her physical beauty and inner good character.  Her Rising sign is Libra with Venus in Virgo, the combination which reflects both beauty and brains.  Her cancer Sun is in the 10th house of career in a major conjunction with both Mars & Pluto indicating a hard-working, goal-oriented personality who could hold her own with strong principles and a sense of duty and responsibility.  Her Moon in Taurus in the 7th house of relationships in a trine aspect with Venus in the 11th clearly shows her open affection toward loved ones and others in her life.  From a child actress she grew in to a highly talented woman who made many movies & entertained the American public with grace and charm.  The one negative in her life can be attributed to Saturn, Lord of Karma, positioned in her seventh house of relationships and can be said to be an astrological placement of marriage which grows cold and stale for one reason or another.  This aspect was in high focus in the months prior to her death. 

Robert Wagner’s Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer and Scorpio Rising with Neptune highly elevated in the 10th house indicates his fluid acting ability along with his heavily accented third house with the Sun, Venus and Mars all in a conjunction indicate his charming outward manner, but a Pluto/Moon opposition to Saturn in a T-square with Uranus indicate an intense inner nature.  He is a controller who can be highly competitive and self- indulgent.  Both people have a heavy influence of the sign of Cancer with difficult aspects forming to that sign which tells me they both can be rather moody and self-involved as this is one of the major hall marks of the dark side of Cancer.  Natalie has her Sun in Cancer and Robert Wagner, his Moon, in an ominous conjunction with Pluto, in the 8th house of death.  This generally indicates the premature death of a woman in his life.  Natalie with her Sun in Cancer and Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus had a deep fear of drowning in dark water.  Two other people were on the boat that night, Christopher Walken, her co-star in the movie presently in the works and the Captain, Dennis Davern.  No one admitted knowing how Natalie drowned that night so it’s been a mystery for over thirty years.
According to a woman by the name of Marilyn Wayne, a witness anchored approximately fifty feet away in the same bay off the island say that a woman was screaming for help a few minutes after 11:00PM.  A man’s voice was heard saying “Hold on we’ll get you out”.  Loud music was then heard over the water, and Marilyn Wayne believed people were just partying on the other boat and she went to sleep.  I did the astrological chart for 11:05PM for the accident:

chart of accident

The chart clearly shows the New Moon last over Neptune indicating a drowning.  Mars (action) aspecting Neptune also shows the anger and confusion.  Mercury/Uranus square to ascendant add chaos and with Saturn/Pluto in Libra square Venus relationships are all in a turmoil.  They couldn’t have chosen a worse weekend for a boating excursion.  Add to that the weather kicked up and it was drizzly and cold.  When Dennis, the Captain tried to talk them out of the trip after viewing the weather report both Robert and Natalie insisted on going to entertain Chris Walker, whom Natalie had been with, out of town, and working on the movie Brainstorm. Natalie did admire his acting ability and there was a deep respect between them.  Prior to making this current movie she had stayed home after having her daughter, Courtney and for the last three years she devoted her time to taking care of her daughter and to her family life.  Saturn was moving through her 12th house, over her ascendant and stabilized in her first house so it would seem while she took on these responsibilities willingly, she was more than ready to get back in to her career and wanting to be successful.  Saturn over the ascendant is not the happiest of cycles and generally one of maturation and responsibility.  While I am sure she liked and respected Christopher Walken, this was a working relationship and she probably wanted to make a good impression to further her career. She had been several months away from family life and excited to be staring in a new movie.  However, that particular weekend Robert Wagner was not in a state of understanding with Mars moving through his 10th house, his ego was on the line every step of the way.  Pluto/Moon conjunctions in a water sign tend to be obsessively jealous and controlling.  The days before the trip show Mars in crisis aspects with his Venus grating on his nerves so by the time they left on the trip I’m sure his polite veneer of social pretense was wearing thin on everyone.  A fight broke out when they returned from the shore restaurant where they entertained Christopher Walken.  Robert was overly drunk and obnoxious (and filthy mouthed), intimating something going on between his Natalie and Chris so Chris went to bed, the Captain went up to the bridge while Robert and Natalie carried on with the fight.  The Captain admits to turning up the music to cover the noise of the fighting.  As angry, drunk and out of his usual amount of emotional control, the fight got physical and Wagner knocked her around and pushed her off the boat.  When things got quiet and Captain Davern came down from the upper deck, Natalie was gone.  Robert Wagner did not call for help for several hours, continued drinking and concocted a cover story demanding the Captain go along with it.  After briefing the authorities, her body found floating near the island, he was flown by helicopter to the mainland leaving the Captain to identify her body.   
If there is such a thing as murder by neglect, I do believe that Robert Wagner is guilty.  He could have pulled her from the water.  I am sure with the amount of alcohol in his system that night he wasn’t thinking straight. He does have an alcoholic signature in the chart and certainly has the reputation of drinking in excess. The fight had started in their stateroom and was carried out to the deck where Captain Davern heard Robert screaming at Natalie to get off his boat. 

I believe Natalie died just before 11:30 on November 28th, 1981.  That would have left her in the water  for over twenty minutes. The water would have been less than 48 degrees. She was dressed in a nightgown, socks and a down jacket which probably helped slow her from hypothermia but was she unable to pull herself from the water.  She could have passed away from the shock as well.  She had dark bruises on her face, arms and legs, likely from Robert during the fight.  Natalie was feisty and I believe she fought him.  In the astrological chart of her death, the Moon trines her Ascendant, makes an in conjunction (crisis aspect) with the 10th house cusp with Mars square Neptune, and the Sun square the 7th house cusp.  These are all big indicators of her partner’s violence.  The Nodes of the Moon are always paramount in death charts and this one is no exception.  The South Node of the Moon is in a conjunction with her ruling planet, Venus.   Here is her approximate time of death from chart calculations:

probable time of death

I think I’ve read every book put out on this story and watched most of the movies.  Robert Wagner’s superficial, flattery filled book almost disgusted me in it’s pretense at congeniality.  Having been a boater for over fifty years in the pacific northwest, I tend to believe the Captain’s story as told by Marti Rulli in the book “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour”.  The rest were just grist for the rumor mill and the television shows even worse. 

Now that there is new evidence, I’m wondering what the authorities will do now?  It’s pretty obvious from all accounts that the whole investigation was affected by celebrity status and very mishandled all the way around.  As of this writing Robert Wagner is eighty-eighty years old.  

Here are both Natalie & Robert's birth charts progressed to November 28th, 1981 along with each chart is the accident chart showing the events and circumstances of that fateful night aboard "Splendour".

Inner Circle: Natalie Wood - July 20, 1938 11:16AM San Francisco, CA
2nd Circle: Natalie Wood chart progressed to November 28, 1981 Santa Ana, CA
3rd Circle: Transits in motion for November 28, 1981 11:05PM Santa Ana, CA

Natalie's Birth Chart


Inner Circle: Robert Wagner February 10, 1930 1:45AM Detroit, MI
2nd Circle: Robert Wagner progressed to November 28, 1981 Santa Ana, CA
3rd Circle: Time of Natalie's Accident November 28, 1981 Santa Ana, CA