Uranus in to Taurus

One of the most major events in Astrology is when a major planet moves in to a new sign.  Astrologers all over the world are concerned and begin looking for indications of that planet moving in to a new sign.  In the interest of this we have Uranus, which currently moved in to the sign of Taurus.  Now, Taurus is a fixed sign and Uranus is the ruler of the fixed sign of Aquarius and so these are not exactly good bed-fellows.  Taurus really dislikes anything that disrupts the status-quo and Uranus (ruler of unexpected events, lighting and chaos) likes nothing better than a big change of scene and anywhere in the chart you find Uranus the unexpected abounds.  So let’s look in to this a bit closer……

Taurus is the natural sign of money as it rules the 2nd house of personal possessions and money seems to be at the top of most peoples lists today.  Since it rules money we can look for major changes in our monetary system coming in the year ahead.  However, this is a bit premature as Uranus won’t stay in Taurus right away.  While it is at 1 degree of Taurus right now, by November 7th, it will move retrograde back in to Aries until March 5, 2019 when it will move in to Taurus for the coming eight years ahead.  What this means is that the changes we are seeing now are not the changes we will see in the long run, especially those financial changes.

Bitcoin and digital currency are on the rise now that Uranus has entered Taurus and those folks who believe they are making a killing and moving into the next great financial wave need to get a grip.  This is exactly what happened in the dot.com era when everyone who thought they were on to something just happened to find themselves broke before the .com came back to success later.  Those investing heavily in to digital money now will likely find themselves in shock with loses as we enter late spring in 2019!  Uranus just isn’t here to stay yet folks!
While the Taurus is concerned with money (Taureans are known for being tight fisted along with Cancer) Uranus is concerned with people and social reality.  Uranus may undo many of our ideals in this western society and being to put “people” ahead of “things”. Uranus is "idealistic" and Taurus is not. Essentially, most Americans have more than enough “Stuff” and for the coming years ahead more and more folks are going to realize how their “stuff” gets in the way of their freedom and real happiness.  I expect that 2nd hand shops and recycling everywhere will become the norm as high-end stores begin to suffer and people get happier just making do with what they have.

So, what will the stock market do?  Well, get set for a ride as we see a roller-coaster of up and down until Uranus get’s firmly set in Taurus.  Meanwhile Taurus folks really need to cement relationships and those Scorpios (Taurus’ opposite sign) do too for Uranus is the divorce planet and long standing problems in either of these signs are likely to surface bringing shocking results!

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